Meet the ‘Creative Learning Crew’

Processed with MOLDIVThe ‘Creative Learning Crew’ are here to support your child’s learning journey during the use of the home learning kits.. Each character has their own favourite area of creative learning and has been developed to create a friendly face for the activities. The larger project boxes are full of creative activities introduced by the ‘Creative Learning Crew’ and include their top tips and extra questions to promote higher level exploration.

Want to become a member of the ‘Creative Learning Crew?’ .. Click on the link to purchase your annual ‘Crew’ club membership kit. As a member of the ‘Crew’ you will receive creative projects each month, a special membership badge and will be invited to join in with special competitions and throughout the year.

Creative Learning Crew: 12 Month Club Membership

Membership to the ‘Creative Learning Crew’ entitles you to regular treats and creative activities mailed out each month from the ‘Crew’.. Each month you will receive one creative activity from a varied range of science, Art, Design and cooking skills based projects. All designed to stretch your creative skills with embedded educational stuff in there too. As a part of the club you will receive your membership badge with your first monthly mail out.